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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  January 15, 2016 1:05am-1:30am MST

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live with the developing details. on their conditions.
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the mayor also saying tonight. all 3 teens are students at legends high school. he said one of the teens was air lifted to children's. and in critical condition. another teen was taken to nearby parker. for months now. law enforcement around the state have been warning people to stay
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>> we were able to get them out. before we lost life. >> . there are still uncertainty. frozen in a situation. which cracked under pressure. >> it's never safe. is. >> . ice. cracked on the pond. no bigger than this. showing you how difficult it was. once law enforcement came out here and saw how bad of a
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>> a second teenager charged as an adult.
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>> . both teens head on one million dollars bond. attorneys are requesting the cases be sent back to the juvenile court system now. >> . to get more people to use ube rerbgs during the winter. they lowered their fares. drivers say it causes a cut in pay.
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incentive rates. to get by. this driver is blaming a confusing e-mail. saying that it led him to believe he was going to get paid the incentive rates. when he wasn't. >> . he went online. to a private facebook group. and saw that other drivers had the same issue. he says with little help.
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>> i sent back the proof. i sebt sent back the statement. no response at all. >> we reached out. they pointed the fine print. drivers must be online. in denver. tkufrg during the incentive period. that's where it gets confusing. he thought fort collins was
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>> . you have a big lawsuit. over your head. >> for being the angry candidate. he said she's right. >> i'm very angry. because our country is being run horriblely. >> . and i will gladly accept the anger. >> . speaking of the state of the union. candidates used it as an
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>> . as for who's in front. a new post poll released today shows trump at an all time high. doubled his national lead. favored by 33 percent. of national republican primary voters. >> . suicide schools and weed. just some of the topics in the state of the state address this morning. the biggest speech the governor gives each year. hickenlooper out lining his priorities. which include an effort to reduce colorado suicide rate.
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this is my mom. and this is a picture she was on the field. this was on the wall of the south stands. of the old mile high. >> this week. >> i had to print my ticket. >> she's beg egg denver fans to hang onto their seats. >> if for any reason you don't think or feel. that you want or can't come to the game. could you please sell your
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>> that's being lost. the cohesiveness of mile high. >> should reevaluate calling th eplgss a fan.
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i was curious why the school has five chickens. >> they sell the eggs. stkhr there you go. >> if the chickens can wear orange and blue. you need to break it out tomorrow. >> i only have two orange ties. i wore one yesterday. >> i'll go shopping this weekend. >> the steelers fans that want to spend all the money on the treubgts. why. real estatic you want to watch your team lose. just stay home. that's what tv is for. >> we have a winter weather advisory. out. for snow that could push to near 6 inches. now i want to point out quickly here. that tkwraoepb green shaded
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there's that's a flood watch. it had kwraoeus jams down there most of the snow is right here. up along the divide. spilling over to estes park. allens park. towards nether land. there's some along the i 70 corridor. we look out west. a lot of the snow showers here are letting up a bit. but they will return. as you'll see on future cast. temperatures today. cold. 20s and 30s for highs. over the western half of the state. gunnison better at ten. warmest part was here. and the in the green. with the 50s and 60s. as expected we cooled out of the 50s. and into the 40s. with denver coming in at 44. >> you'll see a few snow flakes. from from time to time. people are moving along the i 70 corridor. 36 and 32 at the airport. with a west wind. the wind has started to back off. we're at 30 aurora.
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33 in thornton. and 35 in lake wood. same number down in little ton. front range, vail pass censor, is at eleven. 14. 19 in walden. and you can see 30s and dropping to 27 now. down in the castle rock area. 25 up in greeley. again the wind has backed off. still a little strong here. as you make your way around the bend. and georgetown along the i 70. that's where the strongest wind will be. way up there over the tofp of the mountains. even there it's going to back off. through the day tomorrow. the wind no longer a factor. >> . here they come. a few snow showers. in the forecast. if -r your friday. not a lot of snow. and i do think we'll see some here in denver. t
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>> . snow in the mountains. rolling on it. and continues up into the high country. through the day. before arriving over the eastern plains. and there it is. widespread. 2, 3, 4. and some places steam boat. five inches. lows tonight. going to be in the single tkeupblts and teens in the mountains. with teens over most of the east. 19 in denver. and highs tomorrow back into the 20s and 30s in the mountains. and we'll have chilly 30s and 40s. much cooler temperatures continuing to slide in. to the eastern half of the state. >> my forecast is is 19. wind backed off. tomorrow we're going to 36. again. it's more about the cold. and 37.
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the broncos forecast coming up. at 9:45. monday is a bump up. tuesday and wednesday we slide back down. into the chilly 30s. with more snow on the horizon.
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maybe you have never seen one. there are a lot of rattlesnakes in colorado. every year dozens of dogs get bitten. while hiking in the foothills. >> . bites cost thousands in vet bills. and sometimes the pets lives. >> . a de-snaking class. that teaches your dog how to
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>> he had been bitten. by a rattle rattlesnake. >> we saw two marks in his cheek. his face was swelled up. he wasn't himself. >> on top of the worry. he was stuck with a huge bill. >> in the thousands. >> he isn't the only one. >> we see probably 20 to 30 snakebites a year. >> veterinarian says the snakes ins colorado you usually aren't deadly. but preventing a bite is much easier than treating one. >> the only dog to train your dog with snakes. >> he's been coming to colorado for almost 25 years. to teach de-snaking courses. put on by the colorado gun dog club. >> we teach the dog to build a circle around the snake. >> he lets the dogs get within inches of life rattlesnakes. >> the snake has an odor. that a dog can't resist.
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>> so they can learn the smell.
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